Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation VS Power Fabric Foundation - A Comparison Review


Hi lovelies! I'm back again with a comparison review between 2 Giorgio Armani foundations. So, am I team Luminous Silk or Power Fabric? Read along..

❤ Background Information

I'm pretty sure most of you would know by now that Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk is a cult favourite among celebrity makeup artists and social media queen Kim Kardashian herself. So naturally, when Kim says she loves something, millions will rush out to buy the same product she uses. I am honestly not a follower of hers and I personally have neutral feelings towards the Kardashian-Jenner clan but one day I stumbled upon an article about this particular foundation and I was intrigued! Lo and behold, I went to a Myer's counter to ask for a sample jar and the rest is history. 

The Power Fabric foundation, on the other hand, is Luminous Silk's younger sister whom just recently launched a couple of months ago. The Power Fabric is supposedly a matte and full coverage foundation - even fuller than Giorgio Armani's Designer Lift foundation. 

Here are the claims taken from Giorgio Armani's website regarding the 2 foundations: 

❝ Reveal your inner light. Inspired by charmeuse silk, "The Fabric of Emperors," this luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit-from-within glow. 30ml format.

Using exclusive Micro–fil™ technology to sculpt and brighten, this buildable, medium coverage foundation improves texture and blurs imperfections. Comes in 24 shades to match every unique skin tone. ❞   

- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

❝ Power Fabric is a new liquid foundation that teams full coverage with a matte, lightweight second skin finish. It's a concentration of oils with no greasy effect, which delivers a velvet matte finish. To achieve perfect full coverage foundation, powerful pigments were selected and then shaped to obtain extremely fine pigment particles with a quality of color beyond reproach.

It combines full coverage with an ultra-light formula. Upon application, the texture melts into the skin, effectively blurring imperfections with an incredibly lightweight matte veil that feels like you're not wearing make-up at all. With a SPF 25 filter, power fabric offers effective daily UVA and UVB protection up to the promise of broad-spectrum SPF protection.

Because every woman is unique, Power Fabric foundation comes in 20 shades to suit all skin tones. The formula is adapted for each shade to deliver optimal coverage without cracking or dulling. 

 - Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

The 30 mLs Power Fabric foundation retails for USD$ 64 here, or AUD$ 99 here, or IDR 975K here
The 30 mLs Luminous Silk foundation retails for USD$ 64 here, or AUD$ 99 here, or IDR 945K here.

❤ Packaging

As per usual, the 2 Giorgio Armani foundations are packaged inside a weighty frosted glass bottle with a black cap and pump. I do really love the simplicity of the packaging which looks really luxe especially on my vanity table. The only difference in packaging between the two is the colour of the Giorgio Armani logo (Power Fabric is red whilst Luminous Silk is silver) and the colour of the font on the bottle of the Power Fabric foundation. 

I definitely appreciate how Giorgio Armani included a pump in their foundations although the pump only squirts out a little bit of product at a time which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you view them. 

The pump and detachable cap feature on both foundations.
I can't really pinpoint any fault to both the packaging other than the extremely minor inconvenience of the pump squirting out a tiny amount of product. As I said previously though, it could also be an advantage as it wastes less product. 

❤ Ingredients

Both foundations contain completely different set of ingredients and boy are they long, I will list the first 14 ingredients for both as well as a couple of ingredients that might be irritating for some users. 

Ingredient analysis of Luminous Silk foundation
Ingredient analysis of Power Fabric foundation
*taken from CosDNA. For the full list of ingredients click here and here

Some ingredients from the Luminous Silk that might be irritating includes Benzyl Salicylate, Butylparaben and Butylphenyl Methylpropional whilst in Power Fabric are Benzyl Salicylate, Isobutene and Butylphenyl Methylpropional. 

❤ Product

Now onto one of the most important bits - the product itself! 

As for the scent, the two foundations do have them and they have a fresh - floral scent that isn't too noticeable unlike some other high-end foundations from Chanel or YSL. I definitely think it's pleasant, but if you're the type of person who's very sensitive to scented foundation, it's better to avoid the two. 

Meanwhile for the shade selection, Luminous Silk comes in 24 different shades and Power Fabric comes in 20. Both sounds huge but I can tell you that it's not. I definitely think Giorgio Armani could produce several lighter and several darker as I use the shade 2 in Luminous Silk which matches me quite nicely and I am not the palest of the pale so I can imagine paler girls who will struggle to find a perfect match. The darkest shade did not look that dark either (more of a medium-tan to deep-tan) so if you're on both ends of the spectrum, you might struggle finding the perfect match in both the Luminous Silk and Power Fabric line. 

❤ Formula 

As you can imagine, the formula of these are pretty different aside from the bottle, scent and shade selection, and I am pretty sure you are reading this review to find out what those differences are. 

Luminous Silk, as the name suggests, is a very luminous formula and on a more light-medium coverage. The formula blends very nicely onto the skin and almost 'binds' together with the skin to create a glowy, second-skin look. The formula is also very hydrating and does not cling onto dry patches which I have a problem with during winter and drier months (Glycerin is one of the top ingredients in the foundation so this makes complete sense). I personally don't see this foundation suitable for those with very oily skin though, as it will break down easily and will only last a couple hours of wear-time. 

For those with drier skin, however, it blends extremely beautifully and will last a fair amount of time when worn. I have even used this foundation daily during my winter trip in Korea and it stays luminous and hydrating even after long hours! 

Texture comparison between Luminous Silk and Power Fabric

For the Power Fabric, the formula itself is a lot thicker in consistency than the Luminous Silk and definitely a much fuller coverage. This covers very well but I wouldn't say it is as heavy duty as Kat Von D's Lock It foundation or Marc by Marc Jacob's Remarcable foundation. 

This, unlike the Luminous Silk, will suit those with oily skin as it is a matte finish rather than a luminous one. The only downside to the formula I find is that some primers will not work well with the foundation and dry patches might show up if your skin is not prepped well. Other than that, this also sits beautifully on the skin and will last a little longer without a touch-up if worn correctly. 

❤ Overall


Suitable for dry skin
Luminous / glowy finish
Blends easily
Gives a second-skin look
Does not accentuate dry patches

Scent maybe offensive
Does not last as long as Power Fabric


Suitable for oily skin
Blends easily
Adheres to the skin well
Extremely long lasting

Scent maybe offensive
May accentuate dry patches
May not work with some primers

So, in conclusion, am I team Luminous Silk or Power Fabric? 

For obvious reasons, I think you would have guessed that Luminous Silk is still the winner in my book. I have dry skin most of the year so I always lean towards a more luminous finish foundation which is what Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk is best at. 

I'm not saying the Power Fabric is bad by any means, I think it's still an amazing foundation and I will still wear them when it's humid out, but for my skin type personally, I would go for my Luminous Silk over and over again. If you are super oily, however, I can see the Power Fabric being your new best friend. 

Now it's your turn to let me know if you're team Luminous Silk or team Power Fabric. Let me know down in the comments below ☺

*The Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation featured in this post has been provided to me as a PR sample. 

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