My Blogging Journey


Hello everyone!

As some of you might have probably known, I used to own this little blog called Let Them Eat Lipstick. First of all, I'd like to thank you to each and everyone of you who has supported that blog, but I wanted to refresh my blog as well as integrate the name to what I am known for the most - Makeup Swatches AU and here it is! It has been such a wonderful journey so I really appreciate the amazing support you have given to me both on Instagram and on my previous blog.

Now as a way to start off this blog, I should go and re-introduce myself. My name is Jes and I am a 21 year old beauty enthusiast, an avid makeup collector and a girl who has way too many lipsticks to last her an entire lifetime (if someone can come up with a drawer made specifically for lipstick storage that would be great, thanks).

I was always passionate about makeup so I started my beauty blogging journey through Instagram at the end of 2015 - posting flatlays of my makeup of the days and beauty hauls with my crappy phone camera and an unprofessionally made marble background which I can say that I'm ashamed of for using. It has been a little 1.5 years now since I started and I am thankful for all the opportunities and friendship I have made throughout this journey (sorry if this sounds too cheesy, but I'm honestly thankful). I definitely hope that you're as excited as I am and you will be looking forward to all the upcoming posts I will be making in this blog whether it be beauty, lifestyle or travel-related.

Cheers to a new start and a wonderful blogging journey ahead!


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